Working for tenants and residents

Tower Blocks UK


TAROE Trust is proud to promote the excellent work and resources that have been made available to tenants on the newly formed Tower Blocks UK website.

Tower Blocks UK has been established by Sam Webb, Liz Lowe and Frances Clarke. They have extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of tower block safety and community engagement. They have used this knowledge to establish Tower Blocks UK. They are calling for improved standards in building regulations and fire safety. They have also established a range of tools and resources to enable tenants and residents to enforce their rights should regulations be enhanced positively.

TAROE Trust has had regular dialogue with Tower Blocks UK since it was established earlier in 2018. TAROE Trust produced an article for Tower Blocks UK (May 2018) and we are looking forward to receiving an article from Tower Blocks UK for our next newsletter. We hope to maintain and build upon our relationship over the coming months. In the meantime, we would like to congratulate Tower Blocks UK on their amazing work in a short period of time.