TAROE Trust recognises that the more information that tenants and residents can access from independent sources, the better equipped they are likely to be to build knowledge and engage with their landlords more effectively.

The Hackitt Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety highlighted the need for a culture change for the way landlords engage with residents and for there to be increased levels of transparency and accountability.

4.25 There is a need for culture change in the relationship between landlords and residents so that the good practice that already exists becomes the norm across the whole sector. This change should be supported and promoted by appropriate government investment to build the capability of residents, landlords and building owners to work co-operatively. This recommendation could be put in to effect quickly, and well in advance of the implementation period required for any legislative changes.
4.26 There is a need for funding for organisations working at both local and national level to support residents of all tenures. These organisations would help to upskill residents’ associations and tenant panels and provide advice, guidance and support to residents and dutyholders on effective engagement and good practice in relation to safety issues. Government support for these organisations would be a strong signal of the importance of the role that residents can play in ensuring the safety of their homes.
Below is a list of resources which we think will be useful for tenants and residents. We will add to this over time. If you are aware of other useful resources for tenants and residents, please contact us so that we can add them to the list.


Tower Blocks UK
TAROE Trust has had a dialogue in recent months with the newly formed Tower Blocks UK. Their new website is “a hub for sharing information and resources with groups and individuals who live in, or are concerned about tower block housing safety issues in the UK”. This will be an invaluable resource for tenants and residents across the UK and we have no hesitation in promoting their excellent work.
London Tenants Federation
LTF are active in promoting the benefits of there being a strong representative tenant voice across London. TAROE Trust has recently issued a submission (June 2018) to the London Assembly Housing Committee in support of their campaign highlighting the positive benefits to be derived from representative collective tenant activities.
Shelter Commission on Social Housing
Shelter has established a Commission of Social Housing as part of its Big Conversation. This involved gathering views from over 30,000 people. TAROE Trust has submitted information to this piece of work, largely reflecting the issues set out in our Manifesto for Change document. A real benefit of this work is the high profile of their Big Conversation and the range of views that Shelter have been able to collate. They will be issuing a blueprint for change later in 2018 so this is likely to be a useful resource for tenants once their report is published.