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TAROE Trust launches Learning from Scrutiny Spotlight Report

Tenant scrutiny has been a popular method of involving tenants in decision making in local authorities, ALMOs and housing associations for over a decade. Its popularity as a method with both tenants and landlords can be attributed to its potential to be a constructive and positive way for tenants to influence change. 

Following a workshop that was held with tenants with experience of tenant scrutiny that took place in late March 2023, TAROE Trust has prepared a Spotlight Report which seeks to review how tenant scrutiny is done and make some suggestions of key issues that need to be considered. The report is primarily aimed at tenants, but it will also be useful to landlord staff and decision-makers who support tenants in carrying out tenant scrutiny. 

Commenting on the report, Darren Hartley, Chief Executive of TAROE Trust stated, 

“It’s clear that tenant scrutiny activities can be highly valued by tenants, and they have potential to have a really positive impact on improving landlord services. However, there are also potential pitfalls and we hope that our Spotlight Report can shine a light on these too so that we can all learn to ensure scrutiny is a valuable element of a broad range of opportunities for tenants to influence and shape landlord decision-making.” 

Access Spotlight Report: Tenant Scrutiny here.