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Let’s put the heart back into housing – Campaign launch

We are making the case for the use of psychological and emotional insights as a basis for re-imagining regulated housing in England.  Building on the groundbreaking research that informed our Feeling at Home research project, our first report in our new Emotional Insights series, Rethinking Regulated Housing in England: Home as an emotional place, has gone live today. 

This research briefing draws attention to the barriers that inhibit an emotional understanding of the home from informing policy and practice in the regulated housing sector in England. A home is more than bricks and mortar; a home is an emotional place. By understanding and working with a dual understanding of the importance of a stable home in good condition and the emotional value of home and landlord services, a new perspective emerges to inform the current review of the English regulated housing sector.

Three processes inhibit the emergence of an emotional understanding of the home. These processes are stigmatisation; the separation of core business and social value work; and tenant participation. Drawing attention to these processes and making recommendations for change will assist the regulated housing sector in England in moving closer towards emotionally informed policies and practices.

Our ‘Let’s put the heart back into housing’ campaign is seeking to create a movement, a movement that centres on emotionally informed understandings of the home and an orientation of policy and practice that reflects this.