Working for tenants and residents

TAROE Trust responds to Social Housing Rents Consultation

Further to the DLUHC Social Housing Rents Consultation, we have just issued our final consultation response which is available here.

In summary, we believe a lower cap is needed now to protect individual households from the massive impact of extremely high levels of inflation and that landlord’s finances are better able to absorb the impact compared to the finances of individuals that are extremely stretched at the present time.

However, we have suggested a pragmatic approach, that provides short term assistance to individual households, but which mitigates the longer-term compound impact on landlord finances provided certain additional conditions are met. We believe that tenants should be engaged directly in landlord decision-making and be able to inform the future strategic allocation of resources. We also think additional safeguards are required to ensure rent levels remain truly affordable, and which is likely to involve future rent setting to no longer be index linked but assessed by affordability metrics.