TAROE Trust launches its new Manifesto for Change

TAROE Trust launches its new Manifesto for Change

After several months of consultation, TAROE Trust is pleased to launch its updated Manifesto for Change 2021. This sets out our priorities for action, the changes we would like to see brought about to ensure the regulated housing sector in England once again becomes a sector of choice.

The new priorities centre on the following key areas: 

  1. Increasing housing supply of truly affordable rented housing
  2. Taking steps that promote the regulated housing sector as a “sector of choice” 
  3. Tackling the negative stigma often associated with the regulated housing sector
  4. Ensuring that tenants voices are heard and can influence landlord and wider policy decision-making at every level
  5. Ensuring that Government delivers on its promises to strengthen consumer regulation
  6. Enhancements to building safety standards
  7. Improvements to housing standards across the sector more generally 

We would like to thank everyone that had an input into the development of this document, a critical document which will direct our future priorities for action.

You can access a copy of our new Manifesto for Change here.