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Housing Ombudsman’s Resident Panel recruitment opens

We have previously highlighted in our Newsletters that the Housing Ombudsman is looking to establish a Resident Panel. A number of tenants and residents have been in touch with us directly, and we have already shared their details with the Housing Ombudsman Service.

We are pleased to confirm that the formal recruitment process has now opened. This is part of the Ombudsman’s commitment to being open and accessible, and to engage widely with both residents and landlords.

Made up of 100 residents, the panel will meet virtually twice a year to discuss key areas of the Ombudsman’s work. There will also be opportunities to take part in smaller group activities on specific topics. Membership will include residents from a cross-section of landlords in the Housing Ombudsman Scheme, ensuring that residents with different types, size and location of landlords are represented.

There is a short application form for residents to complete, with a closing date of 25 February 2021

Further information is available here.