Tenant charity TAROE Trust to close

Tenant charity TAROE Trust to close

It is with regret that the Trustees of tenant charity, TAROE Trust, have taken the decision to close down the charity with effect from the end of July 2020. 

For several years, the charity has experienced reducing levels of reserves as it has provided services free of charge to Tenants living within the regulated housing sector in a challenging operating environment.  

Commenting on the closure, the charity’s Chair, Michael Gelling OBE, stated:

“This is a really sad day for me, the charity itself, and most of all for the wider Tenant movement. For many years we have continued to support Tenants to amicably resolve issues with their landlord whilst also engaging with all the major sector consultations. 

The organisation, which was proudly Tenant led and Tenant owned, acknowledges the many Tenants who have been involved with us on a voluntary basis, the first class staff it has employed who selflessly supported the aims and objectives of placing Tenants at the heart of all decision making within the sector, and the few housing professionals who gave of their expertise and time to promote the value of Tenants in all decision making processes.

I should also offer particular thanks to the remaining Trustees of TAROE Trust, Martyn Kingsford OBE, Irene Bannon MBE, and Dr Quintin Bradley for their support and dedication to the charity. 

Following our closure, unfortunately there will be no national level body that will be promoting the interests of Tenants directly from the Tenants’ perspective, using the knowledge gathered from experience in providing direct, practical one to one support for Tenants. This is a real shame, and a gap that we hope will one day be addressed.”

TAROE Trust has a longstanding history within the Tenant movement. It was established in 2013 as a charity out of the former national Tenant membership organisation, TAROE Limited. Established in 1997 through a merger of two national tenant organisations: the National Tenants and Residents Federation (NTRF), whose origins date back to 1988, and the National Tenants Organisation (NTO), which was created in 1976. At its peak, it had a membership that included representation of over 3 million Tenants and residents. 

In recent years, TAROE Trust has called for Government support for a national “Tenant Voice” to be established so that Tenants are properly represented and engaged in developing national housing policy. This was a question in the Social Housing Green Paper of 2018, A new deal for social housing, the outcome of which is still awaited.