TAROE Trust response to the Rents Standard consultation

TAROE Trust submitted its response to the Rents Standard consultation yesterday.

Overshadowed by the Social Housing Green Paper that also closed this week, the Rent Standard consultation was about the proposed return to CPI+1% rent increases from 2020 onwards, and for local authorities to fall within the Standard which will be regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing.

In our response, we have called for the following:

  • The need for landlords to clearly explain the rationale for rent setting and any changes proposed.
  • For landlords to set their rent policy following meaningful consultation with tenants.
  • Increased landlord accountability for the rents they charge and services they provide.

We have also expressed more fundamental concerns about the way rents are set which is leading to fewer tenants being able to afford their rents. We have reiterated our calls for a review of rent setting to ensure a stronger link between rents and affordability. This needs to be alongside a review of current Government fiscal measures of public debt, and the need for increased public funding of housebuilding programmes which is recognised as generating increased economic stimulus.

Our full consultation response can be accessed below.

TAROE Trust Rent consultation response