TAROE Trust response to Social Housing Green Paper

TAROE Trust submitted its response to the Government’s Social Housing Green Paper on Tuesday. Overall, we have welcomed the opportunity to have a conversation about the changes required to re-build tenants’ trust and confidence.

In our response, we highlight the need for the following:

  • To strengthen housing standards. This includes the need to implement all the recommendations of the Hackitt Review, increase transparency, and take direct action to improve the safety of tenants.
  • To streamline and simplify complaints resolution processes and give improved access to redress including an Ombudsman with wider powers.
  • To strengthen consumer regulation so that it is regulated alongside economic matters.
  • The need for tenants and tenants groups to be heard locally, regionally and nationally across multiple platforms both at a landlord level and in terms of wider housing policy.
  • To recognise that stigma is a social and cultural issue, but that the sector needs to be seen as a sector of choice and not a temporary springboard to other tenures.
  • To properly fund new housing supply, including increased public capital grants and private finance, but that the burden of new supply should not be borne by existing tenants at a level that makes their rents unaffordable and should be spread more fairly.

A copy of our full response document is posted below.

TAROE Trust Green Paper response