TAROE Trust response to Housing White Paper

TAROE Trust response to Housing White Paper

TAROE Trust has cautiously welcomed the Government’s announcement of its long awaited Housing White paper. Full details of the paper can be accessed here:

Fixing Our Broken Housing Market

The general direction of the White Paper is positive. It represents a move away from a pre-occupation with home ownership, recognising the need to also focus on rented housing. This is reflected in the proposals to boost institutional investment in Build to Rent. The freeing up of land to increase overall new supply of homes and proposals to allow local authorities to build more homes should both assist in addressing the acute demand for housing. There are also announcements to consult on measures to prevent the abuse of leaseholders which is a positive step.

TAROE Trust also welcomes the proposed increase in the availability of longer term rental tenancies. Security of tenure is something that TAROE Trust has long been calling for. However, it is noted that these are within the private rented sector, and we are therefore disappointed that there are no proposals to remove fixed term tenancies within the social housing sector.

TAROE Trust is also disappointed by the lack of attention given to social housing. More affordable housing is critical to addressing the current housing crisis. The White Paper does nothing to reverse the range of existing Government policies that are already leading to a continued decline in social housing numbers.