Tower Blocks UK

Do you live in a tower block? Are you concerned about the safety of you and your family?

You might be interested in the fantastic work of Tower Blocks UK.

Tower Blocks UK has been established by Sam Webb, Liz Lowe and Frances Clarke. They have extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of tower block safety and community engagement. They have used this knowledge to establish Tower Blocks UK. They are calling for improved standards in building regulations and fire safety. They have also established a range of tools and resources to enable tenants and residents to enforce their rights should regulations be enhanced positively.

TAROE Trust has had regular dialogue with Tower Blocks UK since it was established earlier in 2018. TAROE Trust produced an article for Tower Blocks UK (May 2018) and we are looking forward to receiving an article from Tower Blocks UK for our next newsletter. We hope to maintain and build upon our relationship over the coming months. We have also included a direct link on the TAROE Trust website to Tower Blocks UK, as part of our new Resources section, which we hope to develop further over the coming months. Please do let us know if there are other resources out there which are likely to benefit tenants that you would like us to add to this area of our website.

Tenants and residents living in tower blocks might be particularly interested in the self-assessment tool available on their website, developed by Professor Arnold Dix. It enables tenants and residents to carry out an assessment of their blocks, complete information on an online App, and receive a report directly from Professor Dix for sharing with their landlord. More information on this can be accessed here.

Their website also includes details of some active community groups and campaigns, such as the Ledbury Action Group – who have been working with Sam Webb of Tower Blocks UK around the shortcomings of Large Panel Systems – and also the activities of residents living at Moredun in the South of Edinburgh.