TAROE Trust response to consultation: Strengthening consumer redress in the housing market

TAROE Trust has submitted a response to the MHCLG consultation on whether or now to introduce a Single Ombudsman Service for the housing sector.

The consultation on Strengthening consumer redress in the housing market closed today.

In general, TAROE Trust has supported proposals to move towards a single Ombudsman service to streamline redress for tenants, on the condition that existing resources and service standards are at least maintained for those living in the regulated housing sector. We also call for increased awareness of the options available for tenants to obtain redress, and for arrangements to be simplified to enable tenants to reach a swift and effective solution to their complaints. Finally, we have called for an extension of Ombudsman powers to enable recommendations to be made on policy improvements, and beyond an assessment of compliance with existing policies which might be leading to negative outcomes for tenants in terms of the consumer standards they receive.

A full copy of our consultation response can be accessed here:

TT Consult response – Single Ombudsman Apr18